Hive Stand Preparation

Before digging and leveling hive stand, scrape all the topsoil under the stand and between all four legs and under the legs. This will accomplish two things:

1) Keeping grass and weeds from growing underneath and having to cut them without upsetting the bees.

2) Allow you to put down a Weed Barrier Fabric that will keep any growth from coming up and also keeping ants, beetles, and roaches from gathering, and coming up the legs of stand and into the hive.

3) This will also allow you to put ant killer like Terro™ in plastic dispensers underneath to attract and kill ants, etc. The hive will keep rain and snow off the ant traps to extend their life.

Once you scrape off the soil and dig holes to level your hive, spread ground cloth that covers the holes and set the hive stand. Push down hard on stand and check for levelness. Dig or fill in to make it perfectly level. It is harder to level once the hive is set in place and established.

Terro and Weed barrier Fabric can also be purchased from Lowe's, Home Depot, or any hardware store. You can also spread DE (Diatomaceous Earth) around and under the stand for additional insect control. DE can be purchased at any store listed above including Walmart.